Spice World

Remember those days when you were younger and were really obsessed with something that turned out not to be so cool? Yeah. I had a number of those. (Although I will disagree with the rest of the world and maintain that Hercules and Xena were indeed awesome.)

Today’s focus: The Spice Girls.

Yes. The pop, all-girl singing group that was the rage back in the ’90s. Gigantic platformed boots, “girl power” – it’s all due to them: Scary, Baby, Sporty, Ginger and Posh.

Girls – remember all those discussions about which Spice Girl you were most like? I was Sporty. Surprise, surprise. Maybe because she was the only one who wore clothes that were even remotely comfortable looking. More likely because I took years of gymnastics lessons. Well, here are some Spice Girl memories. Feel free to share yours as well.

In Camp: One year, during the notorious lip-syncing night activity, some of the “popular” girls in my year decided to do a Spice Girls act. Between them, they had covered all the Spice Girls except for Sporty Spice. (Like omigosh, maybe one of them might break a nail!) So they came to me. Little, nerdy me. I, of course, was thrilled to be seen on stage doing something with the “cool” girls, but guess what? Last minute they found another “popular” girl who was willing to be Sporty and replaced me with her. No hard feelings though… really.

In Elementary School: Even though the Spice Girls had already started their lengthy breakup by the time I hit the 8th grade, that didn’t stop me and a group of friends from doing a lip-syncing rendition of “Wannabe” at the senior trip talent show. Unfortunately I didn’t have as much room for my back handspring (a gymnastics stunt) as I thought I did and accidentally kicked another girl. Good thing that other girl didn’t sue, because this Sporty Spice was not a platinum rich girl.

And the story of all Spice Girl stories: During a vacation from elementary school, I went with a friend and her family to the Bronx Zoo. At one point we separated from the rest of the family to go off on our own. We ended up sitting on a rock in the shade, off the side of a road in the zoo, singing along to the Spice Girls (I had a walkman that would play out loud like a weak boombox if the headphones were unplugged). Shortly after we got to that rock, an ice cream vendor set up her stall right next to us in what I suppose was her regular spot. We, being overly hyper teenyboppers, asked her if she liked the Spice Girls. Her response: “The Spice who?” We told her not to worry and that we’d provide a free concert to attract customers. Evidently we sucked. She asked us to please move.

Oh, and to answer your question, yes, I still know all the words to “Wannabe” (as well as some other songs).


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