Two (Wo)men and a Baby?

Due date is here. Baby is not. I’ve done EVERYTHING that friends and internet have advised I do before baby comes. I am waiting, and I am bored.

I’ve already regaled you with stories of my pregnancy – the good, the bad, and the good that can be found in the bad. So now what?

I’ve decided to take you back to a pre-pregnancy time a number of years ago. My husband and I were married for 3-4 months by then, and we decided to visit family and friends in America for a few weeks. As all my married friends know, the minute you get married, everyone thinks you’re pregnant. For instance, a month after I got married, I was sick for two weeks. The first week, everyone kept suggesting maybe I was pregnant. The second week, everyone was convinced I had contracted Swine Flu (this was around the time it became a big thing). Ladies and gentlemen, I was neither pregnant nor sick with the Swine Flu. I simply had a virus, an ordinary head cold. But anyway, the point is, people jump at any excuse to ask you if you’re pregnant from the moment you get married. (Single friends, just picture how annoying it is when people bombard you with questions about your dating life.) So anyway, there we were, in America, not pregnant, but knowing that everyone was dying to ask us, or make some comment that might force us to admit to something.

As every non-pregnant couple should do while visiting America, we decided one day to go to Six Flags amusement park. Nothing quite like the adrenaline rush of a good roller-coaster. Now most people who are going to feel sick after a ride will feel sick right away, as soon as they get off the ride. Thankfully, both my husband and I felt fine the entire day and thoroughly enjoyed the park. The next morning, however, my husband woke up feeling nauseous. After a number of hours, he finally vomited, and subsequently felt better. The next morning, however, the nausea returned. Thankfully, he didn’t have to vomit again, and after a few hours it went away on its own, but every morning for the rest of our vacation, my husband would wake up feeling sick. Finally, he went to a doctor. The doctor diagnosed him with morning sickness.

Now remember, through this whole ordeal I was feeling completely fine. But the minute people found out my husband was having morning sickness, they all reared their nasty little nosy heads in my direction and asked with sly grins, “Sympathy morning sickness?”

Ugh, people.


4 responses to “Two (Wo)men and a Baby?

  • ilana

    We went to the hardware store yesterday. The owner sees us enough that he knows us (we were in his store down to the minute we separated a week before our wedding). First thing he does after greeting us is check out my non-pregnant belly. Several times. sigh.
    Today we went cloth shopping. One particular storekeeper really took a shine to us. After we finished with our purchases he waved my husband over and insisted on giving him a blessing. For health and happiness and success, and a male child, no, wait, that doesn’t matter, for a healthy child within a year.
    At least he was forward thinking enough to realize a child’s sex shouldn’t matter….

  • Stacy Lansey

    OMG, I totally hear you. I hate it when people do that. My reproductive status is NOT anyone’s business. Unless you have a donation to the college fund. I’m not talking to you about it. Yet everyone seems to think they are entitled to ask at daycare, our relatives, but worst is my co-workers. It’s horrible when they ask if you’re pregnant when you’re not (are you saying I’m fat?) and it was more horrible when someone asked me and I was. I was waiting for my promotion to go through and I was scared my boss wouldn’t put it through if he knew. I totally lied and said I wasn’t. The mortified expression on the lady’s face was gratifying.

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